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Ornamental Fencing Portland
Security and beauty don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can have both in the same package. Ornamental fencing in Portland is one of the best ways to provide decoration, personalization, and home security in one. With the master craftsmen at Cornerstone Fencing Inc you can get everything you’re looking for in one fence.

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  • Custom designs in iron – Our master craftsmen create gorgeous ornamental fencing that can provide multi-functionality. Tall fences are perfect for home security while shorter fences make great accents and help to prevent the entry of wildlife and protect against the exit of small animals and children.
  • Strength in design – Part of what makes our fences so strong is their design. We create sectional fencing specifically for durability and strength. Consideration is put into the number of posts, spacing, and section length. Our ornamental fencing is designed for durability and long-lasting protection.
  • Warrantied craftsmanship – We don’t just believe in our products, we back them. All of our ironwork is powder coated for enhanced protection and reduced maintenance. Since our designs are built for strength, we’re confident in our fences and they all come with a lifetime limited warranty on structural integrity.

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