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The best protection comes from iron fencing in Portland. Iron provides strength and durability, as well as the features you’re looking for in a fence. At Cornerstone Fencing Inc we specialize in American made, picket panel and flat top panel fencing ranging from 48″ to over 8ft. Our fence installations make property security even easier.

Fencing provides benefits you may not have realized.

  • Protect your family and property from wildlife. Though it’s easy to forget, wildlife doesn’t always mean wild. Domesticated dogs that escape from their kenneling can easily injure children in a yard. Fences also help to keep your own pets confined to your property.
  • Increase perceived living space. Because of its openness, it can be easy to forget the borders of a property are usable space. A fence provides an obvious barrier that doesn’t just increase the safe space around a building, it increases the perceived and actual value of the property as well.
  • Reduce liability. Business owners that utilize our strong iron fencing may see a reduction in their liability costs. Providing additional security for a property often helps to reduce the costs of certain insurances while reducing the chance of a break-in. As a one time cost, this makes fences a cost-effective purchase.

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Fences are always a good addition to your property. To receive an installation quote or learn more about our American made fencing, call or contact us today.

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