About Cornerstone Fencing Inc

cornerstone-fencing-inc-02Cornerstone Fencing Inc manufactures affordable, premium quality ornamental gates and fences. Our driveway gates, fences and walk gates are manufactured in steel and aluminum. We are located in Milwaukie, Oregon and have successfully served the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace since 1981. All of our materials and manufacturing processes meet or exceed industry standards. As a long time member of the American Fence Association we keep abreast of new code requirements, manufacturing techniques and safety features.

  • Our gate lines include single panel swing gates, double panel swing gates, slide gates and cantilevered gates. You may choose from our existing product line or work with us to create your own unique gate or fence.
  • We seal our finished product with an UV-resistant powder coating. Powder coating is a superior finish to painting and provides an attractive and long lasting protective covering with years of low maintenance.
  • Our standard line of premium fence and gate panels are fully welded and made of heavy gauge aluminum. We also offer a premium quality line of fencing that is rackable up to 34 inches over eight feet and is completely assembled.
  • We use 1/8″ thick pickets and 1/4″ thick side rails on our aluminum products. Both our steel and aluminum products are fully welded. We do not crush on finials.

Quality Gates and Fencing with a Lifetime Warranty

With strength built into our design we are able to offer a lifetime limited warranty on the structural integrity of all our products. All of our products come with a long lasting, low maintenance powder coating finish plus
our steel driveway gates are also Galvanized.

We offer installation on all products we manufacture or supply in our regional area and tech support, via phone, is available. Do-it-yourselfers will find our fences and gates easy to install, affording them big savings. Our gate and fence panels, mounting hardware and clearly written and diagrammed instructions make installation a breeze.

Our years of experience and dedication to excellence have earned us the trust and repeat business of our many customers.

Our manufacturing techniques and on-hand inventory allow for rapid processing and delivery of your order.

At Cornerstone we continue our proud tradition of manufacturing and supplying quality ornamental fencing and gates. We have led the industry in craftsmanship and customer service since 1981 and continue to serve the consumer, commercial and industrial market place.